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Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Developing Better Measures of Neighbourhood Characteristics and Change for Use in Studies of Residential Mobility: A Case Study of Britain in the Early 2000s

Gambaro, L., Joshi, H., Lupton, R., Fenton, A., Lennon, M.C., 2015. Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy 1–22.

Should We Be Using Social Security Benefits Data as Proxies for Income Poverty?

Fenton, A., 2013. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice 21(3), 207–218.

Public Housing, Commodification, and Rights to the City: the US and England Compared

Fenton, A., Lupton, R., Arrundale, R., Tunstall, R., 2013. Cities 35, 373–378.

Reduced Statistics: Housing and Communities in England

Fenton, A., 2012. Radical Statistics 107, 70–77.

Modelling the Take-up of Low-Cost Home Ownership

Fenton, A., 2010, in: Monk, S., Whitehead, C. (Eds.), Making Housing More Affordable: the Role of Intermediate Tenures. Wiley-Blackwell.

Working Papers

Gentrification in London: a Progress Report, 2001–2013

Fenton, A., 2016 (CASE Papers No. 195). London School of Economics.

Spatial Microsimulation Estimates of Household Income Distributions in London Boroughs, 2001 and 2011

Fenton, A., 2016 (CASE Papers No. 195). London School of Economics.

Small-Area Measures of Income Poverty

Fenton, A., 2013 (CASE Papers No. 173). London School of Economics.

Prosperity, Poverty and Inequality in London 2000/01 - 2010/11

Lupton, R., Vizard, P., Fitzgerald, A., Fenton, A., Gambaro, L., Cunliffe, J., 2013 (SPCC Research Reports No. RR03). London School of Economics.

Labour’s Record on Neighbourhood Renewal in England

Lupton, R., Fenton, A., Fitzgerald, A., 2013 (SPCC Working Papers No. WP06). CASE, London School of Economics.

Housing Benefit Reform and the Spatial Segregation of Low-Income Households in London

Fenton, A., 2011, CCHPR Working Papers. Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research.

How Will Changes to Local Housing Allowance Affect Low-Income Tenants in Private Rented Housing?

Fenton, A., 2010, CCHPR Working Papers. Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research.

Blogs & Short Articles

Austerity Stats: Making Sense of Cuts and Changes to Official Statistics under the Coalition

Fenton, A., 2014. British Politics and Policy at the LSE.

Falling Poverty Rates in Inner London Raise Questions about Inequality and Segregation for a Growing City in Transition

Fenton, A., 2012. British Politics and Policy at the LSE.

Research Notes & Data Sets

Unadjusted Means-Tested Benefits Rate (UMBR), 2001-2013

Fenton, A., 2015 (Dataset). CASE, London School of Economics.

Post-Censal Household Estimates for Small Areas

Fenton, A., 2013 (No. RN003), CASE SPCC Research Notes. London School of Economics.

Urban Area and Hinterland: Defining Large Cities in England, Scotland and Wales in Terms of Their Constituent Neighbourhoods

Fenton, A., 2013 (CASE SPCC Research Notes No. RN004). London School of Economics.

The Distribution of Local Government Finance by Local Authority-Level Deprivation

Fenton, A., Fitzgerald, A., Lupton, R., 2013 (CASE SPCC Research Notes No. RN005). London School of Economics.

Low-Demand Housing and Unpopular Neighbourhoods Under Labour

Fenton, A., Lupton, R., 2013 (No. RN006). London School of Economics.

Unadjusted Means-Tested Benefits Rate (UMBR)

Fenton, A., 2012 (Dataset).

Broad Rental Market Areas (BRMA) Lookups

Fenton, A., 2012.

Conference Papers and Invited Seminars

Austerity Statistics: What Changes in Government Data Might Mean for the Analysis of Social Policy

Fenton, A., 2014.

The Spatial Implications of Housing Benefit Reform in London

Fenton, A., 2011.

High Unemployment Neighbourhoods in Weak Labour-Market Cities

Fenton, A., 2010.

High-Unemployment Neighbourhoods: Housing and Labour Market Explanations of Concentration and Persistence

Fenton, A., 2010.

Twenty-Five Years and Three Recessions: How Much Difference Have They Made to Claimant Rates in High-Unemployment Neighbourhoods?

Fenton, A., Tunstall, R., 2010.

Open Source Development as a Stimulus for Innovation in Qualitative Data Analysis Software

Fenton, A., 2008.

Weft QDA: Easily Accessible Qualitative Data Analysis Software: Low Cost and Open Access Tools for Qualitative Data Processing and Data Analysis

Fenton, A., 2006.

Children, Social Mix and City Life: Prospects for Family Settlement in New and Regenerated Mixed-Income Inner-Urban Communities

Fenton, A., 2006.

Selected Research Reports

Using and Developing Place Typologies for Policy Purposes

Lupton, R., Fenton, A., Tunstall, R., Harris, R., 2011. Department for Communities and Local Government.

Hidden Needs: Hidden Deprivation and Community Needs in Suffolk

Fenton, A., Markkanen, S., Monk, S., 2011. The Suffolk Foundation.

The Contribution of Housing, Planning and Regeneration Policies to Mixed Communities in Scotland

Fenton, A., 2010. The Scottish Government.

Why Do Neighbourhoods Stay Poor? People, Place and Deprivation in Birmingham

Fenton, A., Tyler, P., Markkanen, S., Clarke, A., Whitehead, C., 2010. Barrow Cadbury Trust.

Evaluation of the Mixed Communities Initiative: Demonstration Projects - Final Report

Lupton, R., Fenton, A., Hayden, C., Fuller, C., Geddes, M., Tunstall, R., 2010. Department for Communities and Local Government.

The Working Neighbourhoods Fund (WNF) Scoping Study: Worklessness and How WNF Is Being Used to Tackle It

Tyler, P., Warnock, C., Lewney, R., Fenton, A., Clarke, A., Brennan, A., 2010. Department for Communities and Local Government.

Continuous Recording of Lettings (CORE): Weighting and Imputation Methodology

Tang, C.P.Y., Fenton, A., Udagawa, C., 2009. Department for Communities and Local Government.

Communities in Recession: the Impact on Deprived Neighbourhoods

Tunstall, R., Fenton, A., 2009. Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Household Projection-Based Estimate of Housing Demand and Need in the West Midlands Region 2006-26: Unconstrained

Fenton, A., Holmans, A., 2007. West Midlands Regional Assembly.

A Good Place for Children? Attracting and Retaining Families in Inner Urban Mixed Income Communities

Silverman, E., Lupton, R., Fenton, A., 2006. Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

In the Mix. Mixed Tenure, Mixed Income, Mixed Communities: What Do We Know? A Review of the Evidence {#tunstall_mix._2006}

Tunstall, R., Fenton, A., 2006. Housing Corporation.